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When we say trade.Berry is the platform with a FACE, we think of you. Beyond technology, speed and useful tools, trade.Berry’s key element are its users.

  • Real people. NO robots, no false promises
  • One of the fastest execution on the market today
  • Liquidity and a wide offer of instruments
  • A social environment like never before
  • Make friends, share opinions, check analysis and strategies, copy trades and let others copy yours.



We know how complex the markets can get. We understand how important is to have an objective opinion and how this can completely change an investment decision. And by “We” we mean a whole new community that is eager to read each technical instrument you draw on a chart.

  • Broadcast your fundamental or technical analysis to a wide audience
  • Gain recognition and improve your ranking within the community by making the right scenarios
  • Become visible to the media and establish collaborations
  • Control your audience. Share premium content with premium users.



You no longer have to split between your introducing business and your trading activity or managing your income sources independently. Actually you no longer have to do a lot of things other than to really focus on your business.

  • Close more customers by introducing a brand new and far superior solution
  • Increase your credibility among customers
  • Increase your revenue and expand your potential network by using the social media connections and the rebate marketing structure inside trade.Berry
  • Be closer than ever to your customers with the help of trade.Berry social platform
  • Monitor your performance in real time
  • Increase your reputation by always being aware of market trends, news, customers behavior, all in the same platform
  • Forget about the conflict of interest with your customers
  • Secure revenue generated by your empolyees if they decide to leave
  • Expand your network globaly with virtually no cost
  • Put an end to aggressive competition and create partnerships.



Enter trade.Berry. A beautiful combination of so many worlds. Your product has now a perfect shape. 

  • Secure a privileged place in the network by joining on its early stages
  • Introduce a product with high income potential from a small number of customers
  • Gain prestige by entering a community far more refined than the consumer goods community
  • Your product has income potential not only by selling it but also by using it
  • Get the right tools to expand your network easily and globally with virtualy no cost
  • Gain access to excessive field, financial markets
  • Meet professionals and expand your techniques and overall horizon.